About me


I am Ruth James, a working mum with 3 daughters, the youngest of whom is now 17, so I know how tough it is to get our children through the teenage years – they are under so many pressures as are we so no wonder we sometimes need extra support and ideas to help us in day-to-day family life.

As my daughters would tell you, I struggle with parenting teenagers and certainly don’t get it right all the time, but even they acknowledge that some of the things I have learnt have changed how I parent them and it has made a difference.

I know how I felt when my eldest daughter was 10, I had no idea what to expect over the next few years and it did freak me out.

This is where I can help, it is not about waiting for a crisis and then seeking help, for me, it is about preventing the crisis in the first place – my workshops focus on both preventing situations as well as dealing with day-to-day issues and challenges with our teenagers.

I have always worked full-time, so over the years I have used a number of tools and techniques with my girls to make family life as straightforward as possible – some of which have worked and some haven’t. It is this experience and learning I have built into all my workshops.

Parents who’ve come along to my workshops have found them useful and practical and I have had great feedback so far.

To find out more, please contact me, Ruth James, 07718178111, survivingteenagers@gmail.com

More information about my qualifications and experience:

I now have the CANparent Quality Marks for my workshops:

Surviving Teenagers certificate (2)

  • I am licensed to run the Positive Parenting courses and the Surviving Teenagers Programme is based on the Time Out for Teenagers programme (www.parenting.org.uk). I also have the Open College Network qualification for facilitating groups and working with parents.
  • BSc (Hons) Environmental Health and I was an Environmental Health Officer and managed teams in Environment Health for a number of years during which time I lead on Public Health for 2 local authorities. I have also managed the strategy unit for a local authority and was responsible for consultation and community engagement, internal communications, media relations, events management, website etc.
  • I have postgraduate diplomas in Management Studies, Marketing, and Public Relations and currently manage communications (including internal communications, media relations, website, intranet, marketing, brand management, events management) for a company in Taunton.
  • I have extensive experience in managing both internal and external communications, specifically community engagement which has been key to developing Surviving Teenagers Today.

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